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List of ICD-9 codes 630679: complications of pregnancy, childbirth ...
List of ICD-9 codes 630679: complications of pregnancy, childbirth, and the . 3rd stage, postpartum; (666.14) Hemorrhage, other immediate postpartum .

List of ICD-9 codes 290319: mental disorders - Wikipedia, the free ...
[edit] Mental disorders diagnosed in childhood (312316) . Pathology: Medical conditions and ICD code . Postpartum depression · Postnatal psychosis .

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      postpartum depression, or postpartum psychosis. . Distinguishing depression from post- partum blues . (Diagnostic code: 296.x4, mood disorder with psychotic .

      Getting Paid: Coding for Depression Without Getting Depressed ...
      For example, postpartum depression would be coded as 648.44. When a definitive diagnosis of depression is not or cannot be made, the patient's presenting .

      Coding & Documentation - Family Practice Management
      What CPT and ICD-9 codes should I submit for the treatment of depression in the . for neurotic depression is 300.4 and for postpartum depression is 648.4X. (A .

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    • Postpartum Depression Or PPD
      Clinicians and researchers use the term "postpartum depression," or "PPD," to refer to . The symptoms are the same as in general depression, and must meet the same criteria for diagnosis. However . Enter the security code shown below: .

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    • 2012 ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code O90.6 : Postpartum mood ...
      Includes coding notes, ICD-9-CM conversion links, metadata, index back- references and DRG . postpartum depression (F53 ); puerperal psychosis (F53 ) .

      ACOG - Screening for Depression During and After Pregnancy
      The appropriate diagnosis code will depend on the nature of the patient's depression. Postpartum depression is assigned to code 648.4X (X is an indication that .

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