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Why are the stars different colors?
Stardate 01:04:98. Why are the stars different colors? At first glance, the stars may appear to all be white, but if you look at them from dark skies for any amount of .

Star Colors and Temperatures
What causes stars to exhibit different colors remained a mystery until two centuries ago, when Physicists gained enough understanding of the nature of light and .

Why Are Stars Different Colors
Oct 15, 2010 . If you are an amateur astronomer you may have observed that stars are not as uniform as they first appear. If you were to observe the stars you .

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    • Colour of Stars
      Dec 21, 2004 . The variety of colours of the stars is immediately obvious. Colours vary from bluish-white through to red. Why do stars have different colours?

      Can you see the different colors of the stars? | Tonight | EarthSky
      November, and all the winter months, are the perfect season for noticing the colors of the stars. Never noticed them? Our sky chart can help guide your eye.

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    • Stars - Astronomy For Kids - KidsAstronomy.com
      There are several different kinds of stars in the sky. Some are very . The letters across the bottom represent the spectral class of stars, or color of stars. O – Blue .

      Why are Stars Different Colors - Ask Community
      When you first look at the stars they all appear as if they are white. Stars are different colors because they are hot, it is solely dependent on the body temperature .

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