dynamic instance configurable managed extensibility

The Design of a Configurable, Extensible and Dynamic Notification ...
. extensible nor configurable, making their customization to specific application . proposed – a customizable, extensible and dynamic architecture for notification . plug-in instance that subscribes to events of type A and B. Once the tree is . and should be enforced (type checking) and managed (type decla- ration) by the .

Dynamically Generating Web Application Fragments from Page ...
this paper we present a dynamic page template architecture for de- composing . present a highly configurable and extensible conference manage- ment system as . operating systems (but, for instance, not on many modern UNIX variants) it .

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    • Managed Extensibility Framework - Building Composable Apps in ...
      The Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) is a new library shipping in the . . reusable components that can be discovered, reused and composed dynamically : . Finally, I called Composeparts, which caused an App instance to be composed . The hosting layer offers a lot of flexibility, configurability and extensibility.

      OmniUpdate, Inc - Enterprise Web Content Management System ...
      Mar 29, 2012 . Today, OU Campus is used to manage more than 550 of the world's finest . benefits of a dynamic publishing model, embraces open standards, . The OU Campus platform offers extensibility through a modern framework and powerful APIs. It provides broad configurability through comprehensive tools and .

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    • Enterprise Search Consulting
      . Extensible Plugin Architecture; Data Schema, with Numeric Types, Dynamic . from documents managed through Ravn Pipeline; Dynamic addition of new fields . Advanced Configurable Query Result, Filter, and Document cache instances .

      Yet Another Configurable Extensible Event Service
      In this project, we study the use of configurable and extensible architectures, and their ability . 3) The dynamic characteristic of the publish/subscribe model require . these fundamental problem dependencies must be adequately managed.

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    about - awesome window manager
    Nov 26, 2009 . Some are heavily extensible and configurable. . It's extremely fast, small, dynamic and heavily extensible using the Lua programming .

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    Configurable Satisfiability Propagation for Goal Models Using ...
    metamodeling techniques we provide the analyst with extensibility and customiza - . Models Using Dynamic Compilation Techniques . instance (Giorgini et al. . Due to the fact that it has to manage each model defined by ATRIUM (Require- .

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    MEF Features - with Examples - CodeProject®
    Jul 28, 2011 . ATL / WTL / STL · Managed C++/CLI . So MEF not only brings extensibility to our applications, it also does what an . and import it which I would later in my code create an instance of specific value. . I can use the dynamic instantiation as well with MEF as shown below: . Configurable Aspects for MEF .

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    tompipe.co.uk |
    Jan 16, 2012 . I thought about other instances where editing the web.config was . Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) . Extensions (known as parts, or exports) can be dynamically discovered (imported) from a configurable location .

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    Using Dynamic Configurability to Support Object- Oriented ...
    To support instances that outlive the program that creates them, classes are persis- . We describe dynamic configurability, motivate the need for new . Without significant software support, users will not be able to manage the complexity of . designed and implemented to allow for considerable flexibility and extensibility.

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    Applying patterns to develop extensible ORB middleware - IEEE ...
    op dynamically configurable ORB middleware that can be . instance, adding a new Secure-Connec tion-Handler that . manage extensibility for the follow- .

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    Multicast Control of Mobile Measurement Systems
    open, portable and dynamically re-configurable systems. The paper describes . operable, modular, extensible and dynamically re- configurable . controlling node can transmit, for instance, start-up, shut- down events . and manage (4.-6.) a .

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    Dynamic MBean - WebNMS
    A Managed Bean or MBean in short is a Java object that implements specific interfaces . It contains dynamic, extensible, and configurable behavior information for . Thus,; the following single line code will create an MBean Server instance : .

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    Dynamic Audio
    New DynamicSoundEffectInstance type that allows playback of a stream of audio . a DynamicSoundEffectInstance works independently and manages its own . currently is limited to 16-bit PCM; the only configurable parts of the format are the . Net APIs that take buffers like streams, and it must be ready for extensibility for .

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    kamranzafar/JCL · GitHub
    Oct 8, 2011 . JCL is a configurable, dynamic and extensible custom classloader that . In order to access the created JarClassLoader instance from any .

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    Dynamically Configurable Communication Protocols and Distributed ...
    work has led us in the direction of dynamically configurable protocol systems. . The configurable protocol systems manage the communication resources in an independent . application has decided to use for some instance of communication. . these mechanisms should work with an extensible set of policies, in order to .

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    Neudesic Blogs | April 2012
    Apr 2, 2012 . multiple instances of the Neuron ESB Runtime Service on a single . ships with over 30 configurable Process Steps that do everything from .

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    Monitoring and Managing Tomcat Clusters Using JMX
    The cluster service should detect when a server instance is no longer . Instrumentation Layer: This layer contains managed beans (MBeans) and . Model MBeans: These are special highly dynamic MBeans that are configurable at runtime. . and extensible, and a much better approach than hardcoding the information.

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    A Component-based Middleware Framework for Configurable and ...
    of 'middleware domains' such as extensible interaction types and resource discovery. We . naming and referencing conventions for service instances; support for stateful services; . component framework (hereafter, CF) that is configurable and dynamically . manage the resourcing of applications as they execute.

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    AMI: IBM WebSphere Portal Server and IBM Web Content Manager ...
    Mar 8, 2012 . Choosing WebSphere Portal is an investment in a proven, extensible, standards- based platform from IBM . Allows business users of all skill levels to author, manage and . and dynamic content to the web user; Configurable and re- useable . Integration with a local instance of IBM DB2 Enterprise Edition.

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    Configurable Aspects for MEF - CodeProject®
    Aug 29, 2011 . In this article, I describe a configurable model of the Dynamic Decorator, . Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) is essentially an IoC container . by MEF to specify that an instance of the Employee is the exported object, .

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    A Run-Time Configurable Software Architecture for Self-Managing ...
    Dynamic context management contributes to flexibility. The architecture is extensible, and can embed potentially many different self-management . and in particular, to proactively move instances from U to L. However, such movement .

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    tompipe.co.uk | Utilising MEF to self-register HTTP modules
    Jan 16, 2012 . I thought about other instances where editing the web.config was . Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) . Extensions (known as parts, or exports) can be dynamically discovered (imported) from a configurable location .

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    The Service Configurator framework: an extensible architecture for ...
    An Extensible Architecture for Dynamically Configuring. Concurrent . access network file systems (nf sd), manage routing ta- bles ( g a t e d and . For instance, it is often simpler and . The modularity, reusability, and configurability of the .

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