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Interpretation of FBI gelatin tests
This page offers different views of the FBI terminal ballistic testing data . 4.36cu| avg 4.45, 4.96 re, 0.90 40SW Win Ranger Talon|180@1000, 25.7 mv, 399 E|BR .

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The F.B.I. developed a series of practically oriented tests involving eight test . ballistic performance identical to the FBI's reduced velocity 10mm cartridge.

The Gun Zone -- The FBI Hardware Wars
Aug 5, 2007 . The FBI changes policies and calibers… and buzzwords are coined . Fackler, who at that time presided over the Army's Wound Ballistics . the ammunition test results were created by and large around the Fackler ballistic gelatin model. . On 14 March 1989, 40 rounds of Norma's 170-grain "Power Cavity" .

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      Old Granpa's tried and true wet-pack and ballistics testing . Interpreting FBI terminal ballistic testing data ("gelatin tests") . CCI Velocitor 40gr tests .

      10mm Notes
      FBI Wound Ballistic Research - 1987-1988. A. Adopted documented . present in FBI shootings. B. Eight penetration tests - five shots per test - 40 shots total .

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      Law and Order, 40(11); 90-91; November 1992 . Dr. Martin Fackler, IWBA president, reviews the authorless "Strasbourg Tests," a purported study of the reaction of . Fackler presents findings from the 1993 FBI Wound Ballistics Seminar.

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      The FBI's ballistic tests compared to the 40 s & w and the 45 acp (to say nothing of the 9mm), were probably the tipping point. (That, and the .

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