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HP Newsroom: Printer Emissions Report from Queensland ...
Aug 2, 2007. emission characteristics of office printers, HP does not agree with its . of the specific methodologies used in the Queensland study, based on .

Study says printer emissions harmful - HP disagrees
Aug 6, 2007 . Email a copy of: Study says printer emissions harmful; HP disagrees to a . emission characteristics of office printers, HP does not agree with its .

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    • Laser Printers Emit Toxic Micro Dust
      Apr 6, 2009 . The same research team that initially showed the threat from laser printers conducted a study comparing two different printer models, the HP .

      Is Your Printer Making You Sick? - TIME
      Aug 7, 2007 . It's likely that different printers emit particles in different ways. HP says, in a statement, that it disagrees with the conclusion of the study and with .

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    • Particle Emission Characteristics of Office Printers
      Aug 1, 2007 . comprehensive study is still required, to provide a better database of printer emission rates, as well as their chemical characteristics, the results .

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    • Warning: Laser Printers Could Be a Health Hazard | PCWorld
      Specific printer results are listed in the published study. . HP, which is one of the world's leading printer sellers, dominated both the list of high-level emitting and .

      Untitled - San Francisco Department of Human Resources
      Findings from a recent study indicate that some laserjet printers emit ultrafine particles (UFPs) . inferred that HP printers are more dangerous than others.

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