join sbs 2003 domain over vpn

Q&A: Log on to SBS 2003 over VPN | TechRepublic
Log on to SBS 2003 over VPN. I have two Gateway routers, connected to each other by gateway-gateway VPN. This connection is stable, and I .

Q&A: Files access over vpn on SBS 2003 | TechRepublic
I'm having trouble accessing files through a vpn on SBS 2003 pre. . VPN into a domain just creates a tunnel and you use that to pass data back and forth. there . Join the TechRepublic Community and join the conversation!

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    • Unable to establish the VPN connection. (Error 800) in SBS 2003 ...
      domain or you just VPN to the SBS server from the external. . 2003-based client computer try to make an outgoing PPTP connection . I think you can test with a domain joined workstation. . I have to say we had the same problem before and then all of a sudden we could connect through VPN. I have run .

      Setting up VPN in SBS 2003 - Tech Support Forums -
      Hi I want to find out how i set up VPN with SBS 2003. Do i need to have my domain name pointed to my IP address, is there a specific port that needs. . then you would need to add an exception for this to go through that too.

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    • Restricting VPN Access in SBS 2003 - Vista Forums
      are the workstations joined to the domain? -- Cris Hanna . over a VPN is just asking for corruption. Better to use TS . directory in SBS2003? > .

      SBS via VPN DNS question
      May 16, 2009 . SBS2003 at head office connects to internet via Vigor router. . Workstation is joined to the Domain. . over the VPN and through SBS2003.

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