nollie van woerden ten boom

Cornelia Arnolda Johanna ten Boom - Collection 78
Correspondents: Betsie ten Boom, Corrie ten Boom, Nollie ten Boom van Woerden, Bob & Bobbie Holiday. Subjects: Evangelism. Notes: There are a few items .

The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom: SETTING / CHARACTER ...
May 10, 2008 . Nollie ten Boom van Woerden Corrie's younger sister, her insistence on honesty in all insistences nearly got the Resistance workers into .

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    • Who were Nollie ten Boom van Woerden children
      How many children did nollie ten boom have? Nollie had 6 children. Was Nollie ten Boom Corrie ten Boom's sister? Nollie ten Boom (van Woerden was her .

      Who were Corrie ten Boom's siblings
      Willem (married Tine van Veen), Betsie (unmarried), Nollie (married Flip van Woerden), and Hendrick Jan, who died in infancy. What was corrie ten boom's hobbies? Corrie ten Boom is well known for surviving the notorious Ravensbruck .'s_siblings

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    • How many children did nollie ten boom have
      Corrie ten Boom had two sisters, Betsie ten Boom (never married) and Nollie van Woerden (married Flip van Woerden with six children). She also had a brother, .

      Return to the Hiding Place (2011) - IMDb
      Eusi, Hans Poley, Aty van Woerden, Nollie ten Boom van Woerden, Colonel von Laeman, Lars, Board Member, Boris, Laurent Mathijs, De Vries, Pickwick, Karl .

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    • Return to the Hiding Place (2011) - Cast & Crew - IMDb
      Rachel Spencer Hewitt. Aty van Woerden. Joanie Stewart. Betsie ten Boom. Suzy Brack. Nollie ten Boom van Woerden. Stass Klassen. Colonel von Laeman .

      20th Century Martyrs: The Ten Boom Family
      Jul 15, 2006 . Nollie's husband's name was Flip van Woerden. She is the only daughter of Casper and Cor ten Boom to marry and she had six children.

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