user needs add printer rights

Allow user to install printer - Windows - Server management
Hi,I come to know that user need to be in local power user group to . the same problem, users needing 'Admin' rights just to install printers.

User Group with permission to install local printer - Windows-XP ...
Hi, I have a third party program that needs to have a local printer . I all worked fine, until I removed de administrator permissions from that user.

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    • Network Printer Installation without administrator permissions
      Jan 17, 2010 . Users are able to add printers without admin permissions. If you would not . You will need to add the device class GUID of printers. A list of .

      Inside Printer Setup And Installation For Windows Vista
      “Elevation” points are provided when the user needs to perform an operation that . Installing a local printer driver requires administrator rights. Managing a printer . A standard user can use the APW to install a printer using an inbox driver .

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    • Delegating Printer Management Tasks in Windows Server 2003 ...
      Mar 18, 2010 . You will need to give the local Print Operators group additional permissions so that members can log on to the server and install Print drivers.

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