vampiric sword in baldurs gate

Mike's RPG Center - Baldur's Gate - Melee Weapons
List of melee weapons for Baldur's Gate. . Bastard Sword +1, +3 vs Shapeshifters. 3-9. 7. 8. +1 THACO, +2 dam vs . The Vampire's Revenge. 2-9. 4. 4. THACO .

Mike's RPG Center - Baldur's Gate II - Weapons - Two Handed Swords
List of two handed swords for Baldur's Gate II.

How to Get the Vampire's Sword in "Baldur's Gate" |
The PC role-playing game "Baldur's Gate" has a host of special weapons your party of adventurers can find. The Vampire's Sword is a secret item that can only .

  1. Wood

    Natural Stone

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      May 30, 2011. Forums Game Discussion Baldur's Gate & Tales of the Sword Coast Vampiric Sword . I have a question about the vampiric sword.

    Ceramic Tile

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