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First American Home Appraisal Unit Sued by New York (Update7 ...
Nov 1, 2007 . First American's eAppraiseIT LLC unit gave in to demands for higher appraisals to secure more of Washington Mutual's business, Cuomo said .

Washington Mutual - LawyersAndSettlements.com
Nov 1, 2007 . There is currently an investigation against Washington Mutual (WaMu) and First American Corporation in connection with home mortgages .

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    • AMC Case Documents
      Market Intelligence, et al., U.S. District Court, D. Minn., September 21, 2011. . with Washington Mutual amounted only to .3 percent of First American's total .

      Washington Mutual Busted: Too Early to Bottom Fish the Sector ...
      Nov 5, 2007 . The NY AG also alleges that First American Corp colluded with Washington Mutual to use a list of preferred “proven appraisers” that would .

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