what food do romans eat

The Romans - Food
Feb 2, 2012 . The Romans did not eat huge meals. Their main food was pottage. Pottage is a kind of thick stew made from wheat, millet or corn. Sometimes .

Roman Food - Woodlands Junior School
What foods did they Romans eat? A table showing some of he common foods Romans ate. The Romans ate food that they could grow such as vegetables. veg .

What Food the Roman People Ate at Roman Meals
Do you think the Romans were the original bulimics with a vomitorium in . It may surprise you to learn most Romans ate modestly. . Sources for Roman Food .

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    • BBC - Primary History - Romans - Family and children
      What did Romans eat? What were . Most children in Roman times did not go to school. . Rich Romans had food cooked at home in the kitchen by slaves.

      Roman Food, Drink, and Meals
      Jan 20, 2008 . Despite a 2000 year difference, their food, drink, and meal habits almost . We'll start with food first . . What vegetables did the Romans eat?

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    • What food did the poor ancient Romans eat
      Improve. Poor Romans usually ate food that they were able to grow like onions. The poorest of the Romans would eat porridge and bread for morning breakfast.

      What food did the wealthy ancient Romans eat
      They ate things such as stuffed doormouse and fruit salads, they ate a-lot, there were about ten courses. what other foods did the eat. I need more information.

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    • What Kind of Food Did the Romans Eat? - Answers.Ask.com
      jjnorman: Roman's main food of choice was pottage. Pottage is a thick stew made from wheat, millet or corn. Once in a while they would add cooked meat or .

      Ancient Roman Food - Ancient Rome for Kids!
      Mar 29, 2012 . Ancient Roman Food - Ancient Rome for Kids - what kind of food did . People also ate different food depending on where they lived in the big .

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