whats the difference between blood types

What are all the different blood types? And what are the ...
I know I have O positive, what does that mean? I ků . And what is the difference between positive and negative blood types? 2 months ago .

What is the difference between blood types
The difference between blood types has to do with the type of antigens on the red blood cells (RBC's) and the type of antibodies present in the blood.

What are differences between blood types
Blood type A+ positive cand donate to people that have types A+ or AB+. They can receiver blood from Apos & neg, O pos & neg. Type O+ can give to O+ A+ B+ .

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    • Blood Groups, Blood Typing and Blood Transfusions
      Dec 3, 2001 . What is blood made up of? . What are the different blood groups? . AB0 and Rh blood groups must be compatible between the donor blood .

      What's the difference? Blood groups explained | Blood Donor ...
      Dec 16, 2008 . But how many of us actually understand what they mean and the complicated differences between each group? Blood is made up of four major .

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    • Blood type - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      Many pregnant women carry a fetus with a blood type different from their own, and . more entries than the table above but does not distinguish between Rh types. . "How Malaria Has Affected the Human Genome and What Human Genetics .

      What Is The Difference Between Blood Type O+ And O-?
      Blood Question: What Is The Difference Between Blood Type O+ And O-? O negative is a universal blood donor, while o+ can only safely donate to other positive .

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