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Where are my games? - Windows - Microsoft
Learn why a Windows computer game might not show up in your Games folder and about how to fix the problem.

No Microsoft games in Windows 7?
I just installed Windows 7 Pro yesterday and can't find any Microsoft Games is . Help and Support, one of the results is "Where are my games?

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    • Learn about games in Windows 7
      Learn about the games that come with Windows 7: board games, card games, children's games, and three new . To learn more, see Where are my games?

      Where the hell are the games in Windows 7?
      Sep 3, 2009 . Where the hell are the games in Windows 7? . Re: Where the hell are the games in Windows 7? Wait I got it! Went to Control Panel .

      Windows 7 Games - Games Included With Windows 7
      In Windows 7, Microsoft has brought forward successful games from Vista and revived several multi-player games from Windows XP. The list of games for .

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    • Where is the Windows 7 games icon located? - Super User
      Mar 4, 2012 . I'd like that picture to be the games icon in Windows 7 but I don't know where it is. I've attached a screen capture of the games icon, but the .

      Windows 7 Beta Brings New Functionality to Games Explorer
      Feb 18, 2009 . This is the place where you can launch and manage your games, including . In Windows 7, we are introducing new functionality to Games .

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