workforce turnover in uk

Employee turnover and retention - Factsheets - CIPD
Introductory guidance on employee turnover levels, measuring them and the cost . Explores why people leave and advises on developing employee retention .

Staff turnover costs UK £42bn a year - Telegraph
Oct 4, 2010 . Staff turnover costs UK businesses about £42bn a year, the latest figures have shown. Public sector spending slashed by £9bn in Budget 2009 .

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    • What is the ideal employee turnover rate? |
      Companies usually see employees leaving as a bad thing, but there is an argument that employees sticking around for too long can be just as damaging.

      The Impact of Labour Turnover:
      May 10, 2005 . The Impact of Labour Turnover: Theory and Evidence from UK Micro-Data. Gaia Garino. Department of Economics. University of Leicester .

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    • Labour Turnover: Evidence from UK Establishments1
      Middlesex UB8 3PH. February 1998. Abstract. This paper examines labour turnover using data from a survey of establishments in the UK conducted in 1990- 91.

      Explaining Labour Turnover: Empirical Evidence from UK ...
      Evidence from UK Establishments. Christopher Martin. Abstract. This paper investigates the determinants of labour turnover using establishment-level survey .

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